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Noun Project

Role: Product Designer

Senior Product Designer: Robin Medina

Ritual is the reinvented multivitamin that works smarter to fill the gaps in your diet. 


Working with Ritual, I helped design their new shopping cart experience. The challenge was to design an elegant, on-brand experience that would scale for future product rollouts as well as take into account limited dev capabilities, such as the technical inability to have multiple subs to the cart.

Visual Design


Digital Design

UI Design

Brand Thinking

Product Design



Before & After

Our first step was to conduct competitive research among other e-commerce platforms. We received a list of feature requirements from the Product Manager and then wireframed 'blue-sky' to blow all potential ways to design the cart.

We then consolidated 3 main directions to share with the stakeholders to determine what to user test.


Brand & Digital Design Guidelines

After our check-in with stakeholders, we focused our efforts on honing in on two main designs: the traditional and visual, each of which had different nuances such as showing reviews, color and placement of the 'Checkout CTA', and differences in copy.

We tested two prototypes with users and received feedback.


       What worked well:

  • Large images 

  • 95% star rating

  • Expanded barrier busters

  • Basic cart icon

  • Payment method cards

       What didn't work well:

  • All were annoyed by multi-product add missing functionality 

  • Multi-option empty cart 

  • Questions around order process date


  • Trash icon vs “Remove” link

  • Didn’t call out “Secure Checkout”

  • BBB



We implemented changes to our designs and consolidated a final production-ready file to hand off to the engineers.  

Tools used: Sketch, Abstract


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— Alex Bluman, Client Engagement Director

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