Naked Retail Group

Naked Retail Group is a new concept retail experience. Based in NYC, they are changing the way brands express themselves in the physical realm by facilitating brand activations and custom concept stores from start to finish.

Working closely with the founder and a copywriter, I redesign the template for Naked Retail Group, using existing brand materials, and create a modular system for the internal team to work from.

UI Design


User Experience Design

Responsive Web Design

Visual Design



1. Take existing style guide + sketch files and continue to evolve the brand, helping Ilgin & Felipe build out the other pages of the FAS site.

2. After completing the handoff for the FAS site, create a set of brand guidelines for Vanguard's internal team to follow.


1. How can I help provide innovative ways to push the visual and user experience of the work, while maintaining the integrity of what's already been developed by Ilgin and team?

2. How can we as a team embrace the work that's already been done for Vanguard to avoid breaking brand trust while developing a new vision?


Vanguard's FAS team includes of designers with a wide range of experience levels, technical skills and other areas of focus.

The Style Guide Novel:

A Systematic Approach to *Everything*


Once we wrapped up the final site design for the FAS portal, we created a thorough set of design guidelines for Vanguard's internal team to follow.

This included a 3-part interactive Sketch novel, a library of components and symbols, and a systematized way to approach future design work: including how to choose photography and where and when to use color.




Working closely with stakeholders and Vanguard's internal team, we leaned on the three main brand pillars in the development of the brand: sophisticated, disciplined, and empowering.

We embraced their current typeface Univers. It represents confidence, boldness, and trustworthiness -- all key aspects of the Vanguard brand.

We also maintained brand trustworthiness by keeping the Vanguard red but updated the sophistication and relevance of the brand by injecting teal, the complementary color.

Speaking to the Financial Advisor:
"Your Practice, Our Products"

We played with a number of ways to speak to the Financial Advisors on the homepage but ultimately bisected the user journey based on the two main goals of the site: showcase investment options and elevate the client/advisor relationship.


'Your Products' outlines ways to deepen client relationships and 'Our Products' takes advisors to Vanguard's investment offerings.

The Vanguard FAS design system enables marketers, designers and content creators to create unified experiences that are on-brand.

Wrapping it all Together:

Shopping for Investment Products

The 'All Investments' page was one of my favorite parts of the design project because it combined user research, competitor analysis, and visual design.

I explored other ways of thinking about the problem of 'shopping' for investment products, outlined here.