Working with a small team at Pilot Lab, I helped design the rebrand for Microsoft Office. The concept was centered around celebrating all acts of achieving that are accomplished using Office tools, from a student writing a paper to an author publishing a book.

We delivered a splash page that showcased the new brand, an online website outlining the brand guidelines, and a variety of print material that embodied the new Office.

Visual Design


User Experience Design

Responsive Web Design

Visual Design

Environment Design

Office Brand Principles

The Office principles are optimistic, dynamic, authentic, and forward-thinking.

Office provides the foundation on which people from all walks of life work, communicate, create, and collaborate to get things done and do great things together.



Brand Elements: Typography

The Microsoft brand typeface, Segoe, expresses the Office nature—clean, human, and versatile—visually.


Segoe is an essential and long-standing element of our brand identity. It can be used across a number of languages, including English, European languages, Greek, Hebrew, Armenian, Georgian, and Arabic.

Visual Metaphors

We designed a number of visual metaphors intended to communicate the core aspects of the new brand.

These included:

- collaboration

- intelligence

- trust

- & mobility.

One Brand: Three Worlds

The Office brand is made up of a set of core elements. They can be combined in various ways to tailor the brand expression to speak to our different audiences. It can be tuned to be more expressive for consumers and more conservative for the enterprise audience.

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