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Ours is a premium couples therapy experience complemented by digital products to guide clients through every stage of their relationship journey, from dating and engagement to marriage and beyond.

CDD worked with the founders to deliver brand guidelines, art direction, a new website and app for the company.

Brand Identity Design

Logo Design

Brand Guidelines

Responsive Web Design

Visual Design


ours rebrand


The logo references the stages of a rose which is a nod to an OURS therapy session: discussing the rose (area a couple is flourishing in), bud (area a couple is improving in) and thorn (where the couple needs help). 

Rose & animation by Cori Maass

Brand Guidelines - 6.png

Creative Direction

Our photography captures real couples and aspirational love.

We also show them taking virtual sessions from their computers and phones.

Photography by: Vivian Kim

Ours is a modern-day relationship wellness company, offering virtual couples therapy and premarital counseling.


RBTs (Rose/Bud/Thorns) are mini pre-therapy sessions used to onboard couples onto the platform. Here, couples reflect on where they are flourishing (rose), growing (bud), and what areas of the relationship need improvement (thorn.)

This is just a small snapshot of the entire product experience.

WIDTH copy.png

Social Media Art Direction

Our digital presence is clean, friendly, and professional.We lead with film photography, celebrating relationships of all different backgrounds.

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