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Focusing on *that* 40% to make science more accessible

I use design as a tool to elevate people and ideas that inspire me. Research and data supplement my process. My specialties include branding, logos, copywriting, website design, UI/UX, illustration, ideation, iconography, photography, album artwork, and art direction.

Select clients include Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates Philanthropy Partners, Microsoft Office, Hilton Hotels, Washington University in St. Louis, Big Slide Records, LuckyMe Records, Doo Doo Brand

0.4 Editorial


Because 40% of our happiness is due to intentional thoughts, actions, & behaviors.

A print & online editorial, highlighting evidence-based ways we can increase our happiness.






A Scientific-Based Editorial

0.4 = That 40% that is Controllable

There are not enough resources available for those who struggle with mental health illnesses. 0.4 was designed to be an inspirational platform for those who want to improve their mental and physical well-being. 

In a famous psychological study, Sonja Lyubomirsky concluded that 40% of your happiness is due to intentional thoughts, actions, and behaviors. 0.4 was named after Lyubomirsky's finding (0.4=40%) because the magazine highlights what readers actually can control to improve their overall well-being.

In essence, the aim of 0.4 is to share scientific information that might increase one's happiness level, wherever they may be in their life, in a manner that is accessible and digestible to the general public.


0.4 is divided into three main sections—mind, body, and heart—each of which are color-coded according to color psychology. Articles are written for a broad audience in a light tone, yet maintain the evidence-based approach of 0.4 by linking back to scientific studies.


During my own experience and research, I found that eating nutritionally-dense meals has a huge impact on mental health. All recipes & photos are by CDD.

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