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Allermi is making allergy care personal. 123 million people suffer from the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and atopic dermitis. But expert, quality care is inaccessible for most people.


The Allermi solution is to bridge the gap between a growing, underserved market and the specialists who are best suited to address it.

Brand Identity Design

Logo Design

Brand Guidelines

Responsive Web Design

Visual Design


Studio + Product Photography


Our studio and product photography is also shot on our solid brand background colors. Lighting should remain consistent across products in order to maintain visual cohesion.

Allermi empowers people 
to be their best selves by offering expert allergy care, that’s accessible & affordable.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography showcases interpersonal, joyful scenes between people, and pets brightly captured amidst NorCal nature and activities.

These photos are taken in natural light and are never overly color-saturated.

Photos are used for demonstrative purposes, Clio Dill Design / nor Allermi owns them. Photo Credits: @hellolaurenash @somegirlbrittany @greatwhitevenice


Social Media Art Direction

In our social channels — be it email or Instagram — we emphasize the human aspect of Allermi, especially through use of our voice.

We highlight customer reviews and show our users living their best lives...allergy-free.

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