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Designing for the ones who know the sky isn't blue.

I love designing for people who want to push the boundaries and metaphorically know the sky isn't blue. Because sometimes it's pink, rainbow, and a myriad of shades that cannot be pinpointed down to a single hue. The sky is ever-changing and so is life and so is the landscape of what is possible.

The semester I was about to graduate college, I was going through one of my 'mid-life crises' and was fascinated by this concept: that if we all willingly accept non-truths about something as seemingly basic as what's above our heads every day, then what do we even know? Are there truly any boundaries? I think the sky not being blue demonstrates that the opportunity for potential is boundless. So, I made a book about it, too.

I believe design is a tool that can change the world.

In my practice, I combine photography, writing, research, and data to inform my work. I believe that content is king and form should follow function.


Design isn't about making something pretty: it's about organizing and recreating information in the best way possible so that a message can be made accessible to a given audience. It's about making the abstract stuff understandable.


However, necessarily, the way it looks and is put together ultimately does inform the way the information is understood. So, after all that, it should still look pretty because that clarifies the message.

Websites I've Designed

Gates Foundation Year in Review (visual)

Gates Philanthropy Partners (coming)

Doo Doo Brand 

0.4 Magazine

Fionnuala O'Sullivan Real Estate

Design Sandbox


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