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My Role: Creative Director + Product Design Director

Art Direction & Photography: Another Studio

3D designs: Nate Nutley

Copywriter: Nayla Mamlouk

Developer: Aaron Cohen

In my first year working full-time at Hims & Hers as a Senior Product Designer, I had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects - notably the Hers homepage, the new consultation flow for our Mental Health offering and finally some hot hitters for the Hers hair biz - from quiz designs to TVC ads to PDPs.



Visual Design


User Testing

Production Design

Step 1 


Designed and developed the wait list in lieu of having the product ready. This was before we knew constraints for the packaging/product itself, had any brand guidelines and were just working with stock photography & mockups.


- 12k people signed up for waitlist

Step 2 

Art Direction

We were lucky enough to work with the insanely talented studio - Another Studio. With our brand guidelines from Character, they helped bring our vision to life with beautiful photography & video.

Frame 2513.png
Frame 2514.png

Step 3

Web Design

Once we had the bones of the site complete, we were able to plug in the imagery. Thankfully, Aaron our developer had built a robust CMS in Sanity which gave us the flexibility to showoff our new imagery & update copy along the way.

Frame 2514.png
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