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hims & hers

My Role: Senior Product Designer

VP of Design: Dan Kenger

Art Direction: Laura Beck & Grace Lee

Copywriter: Shelby Neal

Development: Sterling Salzberg & Deidra Kandra

In my first year working full-time at Hims & Hers as a Senior Product Designer, I had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects - notably the Hers homepage, the new consultation flow for our Mental Health offering and finally some hot hitters for the Hers hair biz - from quiz designs to TVC ads to PDPs.



Visual Design


User Testing

Production Design

01 Therapy

Designed the new consultation flow and category page for the therapy offering.

Tools used: Figma & Principle

02 Homepage

Updating the Hers homepage was one of the most exciting projects I was able to work on this year. The homepage hadn't been updated since it's initial design in 2017 and so we used learning about click + scroll rates to optimize this page.


A big insight was that Hers had super low brand awareness and so with the design & storytelling, we worked on explaining who Hers was, the mission, as well as the offerings Hers provided.

03 Hers hair

The Hers hair business was one of our main focuses this year after sales blew up with the JLo TVC spots & new imagery - art directed by Grace Lee.

With the focus being on hers hair, we implemented the new brand imagery (art directed by Laura Beck) in our new TVC ads as well as the new PDPs and Hers hair quiz, which helped identify which hair kit works best for users.

Tools used: Figma & Principle

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