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Rx: Mindfulness

Rx Mindfulness is a workbook on learning, practicing, and cultivating Mindfulness is an accessible way. Inspired by the OnBeing podcast with Harvard Psychologist Ellen Langer, the prescription is full of doctor's notes, lessons and activities, and a strong does of mindfulness all without the side effects of medication.


User Experience Design

Print Design

Visual Design


Research + Concept


I was extremely interested in the idea of prescribing mindfulness: an alternative to drugs for achieving a better state of mind and happiness without any negative side effects. 

Since I was extremely interested in this idea of (re)framing from a clinical point of view, much of the material that I gathered for my moodboard referenced the visuals of prescriptions/medical papers.

I find it ironic that mindfulness is scientifically proven to work and yet there is not a prescription for this method. Anyone can freely and liberally apply the techniques and there are no side effects!


Research & Testing

1. Research + Content Development


Read Ellen Langer's book Mindfulness and highlighted key passages and insights. Glean the four most important lessons for learning Mindfulness and break them down into interactive lessons.


2. Test


Make prototypes of the Workbook, testing it on focus audience group: college design seniors. Mindfulness has been shown to increase creativity and focus and so I thought they were the perfect target demographic for the product.


3. Iterate


Based on feedback, make modifications. Examples included changing language, order of pages, etc.



Over many iterations that ranged between more and less abstract expressions of the aspects of mindfulness discussed in Dr. Langer’s podcast, I decided to go with a more prescriptive, detailed approach to presenting the information.

A few refinements added in the final product included:

changing the language to be more direct

showing pre-filled sections to encourage users to complete the activity and understand example answers

add Table of Contents to function as overview/Onboarding for the Product

“Our life is what our thoughts make it." —Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Behind the Scenes (The Process)

Below shows the process of how I developed 'Rx: Mindfulness.'

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