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Naked Retail Group

Naked Retail Group is a new concept retail experience. Based in NYC, they are changing the way brands express themselves in the physical realm by facilitating brand activations and custom concept stores from start to finish.

Working closely with the founder and a copywriter, I created the first product design system for the internal team to work from.

UI Design


User Experience Design

Responsive Web Design

Visual Design



Research + Definition

Working with Justin Kernzer, the founder of Naked Retail Group, we came up with a list of foundational design principles the design system should embody.

This informed the research, visuals, and copy of the design system.

"If Naked Retail Group was a person, they would be sexy, adaptable, approachable, and professional."


Style Guide

The Style Guide was developed in Figma. It included a type kit, colors, navigation, and the modules that would set up the new framework for NRG's new website.




Working closely with Justin and the copywriter, we created a template for the internal design team to follow. The framework went through multiple rounds of iteration to get to the solution that was most flexible and told Naked's brand story best.

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