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Press Features

Grateful to have worked with:

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"Clio totally “got” our brand, really understood the vibe we were going for, was an excellent listener, never tried to force her own vision, was extremely customer-centered, explained things extremely well, super unique and original work that also is super appealing and beautiful...I think she can really help a founder discover their vision and make it real!"

"It was a pleasure working with Clio! She brings an enthusiasm and a can-do attitude to the projects and challenges she tackles. Any team would be lucky to have her!"

Steph Schiller

Design Director, Ritual

"Clio was great at breaking down complexity and making it both accessible and engaging to users. She knows how to combine thoughtful design, UX, storytelling, and data and present it beautifully."

Jason Gold

Creative Director, Pilot Lab


Thank you.

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