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Gates Philanthropy


Gates Philanthropy Partners is the entity that receives donations when one gives to the Gates Foundation. Working with a team at Pilot Lab, I helped lead the design for the website, brand guidelines, and the inaugural Impact Report.

This is an overview of the brand work we did. A deeper dive into the design of the website and donate flow can be found here.

Brand Strategy

Content Development

User Experience Design

Responsive Web Design

Visual Design



Impact Report


The initial ask from the client was to design a pamphlet to share more about who GPP was and the impact donations had on the world, thanks to the people who gave to the Foundation.

After reading the content sent over that outlined statistics and stories of positive change, I was extremely inspired and suggested a different format to encompass the content: a magazine and their first-ever 'Impact Report', which I envisioned being designed yearly based on updated stories + data.

Clio was our design goddess throughout this journey.

— Jenn Alcorn, Gates Foundation


Brand Guidelines


When I was tasked to come up with logo propositions for GPP, I started with research. I looked at other companies who have umbrella brands and built a case around why we should include the 'Gates' in the proposed logo.

While it could have been tempting to throw out the existing identity entirely, that would have been an irresponsible design move: to throw out the Foundation identity completely would be to simultaneously break the trust already equated with the brand. 

Logo Identity Presentation we shared with the client.


Final Brand Guidelines; the line represents partnership.


The Impact Report

As part of this project, I designed a magazine that was sent out to donors as a thank you for their contribution to the Foundation.


The photography was sourced from the Gates' archive. Each chapter of the magazine focused on a core issue the Foundation is funding and we elevated data and human stories where possible. 

Website: The Future of Philanthropy

The website is functional, yet emotional.


It allows users to donate easily, with the persistent 'Donate' CTA part of the main nav, while the copy  and photography celebrate the 'Power of Giving' that can be accomplished when everybody comes together.


The photo wall unites everybody, both those on the ground doing the fieldwork as well as the donors because it's the common goal and teamwork that allows positive change to unfold.

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